The UPS and DOWNS of Life

Hello my friends.. it’s been a minute. I know. Right when I said I was going to be more consistent I fell off the face of the earth. SORRY! But I am back.

So what have I been up to?

Well, if you’ve read my latest posts you know that I just recently got a new job. Like, literally the best job I could ever ask for. It’s in my career field and I’m doing things I love to do every. single. day. How lucky am I?!

But that’s not my only job. I also work retail and we are in the busiest time of our whole entire year. Yes, back-to-school time. So my life has been in a constant go and I haven’t really had the time to sit down and write.

Besides working 2 jobs, I haven’t had much else going on either so I’ve also been experiencing some writer’s block.

Now, after that life update, let’s get real.

It seems like for me, there will be times in my life where things can go SO good. Everything will go MY way. And it honestly starts to get suspicious after a while because I know something will go terribly wrong. Not to be dramatic, but it always happens.

And that is where I am at in my life. The down part of it, as some would say.

I’ve been here plenty of times, TRUST ME. Probably more than I would like but every single time I feel like my world is falling apart and I dig myself in the deepest hole ever. Which then takes me FOREVER to get out.

I know how dramatic that sounds because I know life will always throw things at you.

But I don’t know.. it’s hard sometimes. I’m here. It’s happening. And it SUCKS.

You know, it’s funny because now more than ever I’ve had people message me that they are so proud of me and that they look up to me. I’ve also had several people ask me how I manage to keep my life together. Every time I’m like, “HAHA thank you. that’s sweet i love you” but no. My life is a constant mess. CONSTANT. Whether it’s my social life, love life, economic life, or whatever. Some part of my life is always falling apart and I just always choose to ignore it. What I don’t know won’t hurt me, right? …Something like that.

I am, however, trying to get rid of that awful habit of just ignoring things. It’s not healthy. So this is my way of expressing what I feel. Baby steps, ok.

So my point of this post is that life can suck sometimes. Like, really SUCK. And you have to acknowledge it. Really feel it, take it in, then work towards a solution. Work to get back up. Because I know it will eventually be good again. But then it will suck again. It’s a constant up and down. But how would I appreciate the good things in my life without the bad things?

I guess you could say I’m a little thankful for the mess my life is.

Yeah, I don’t have a car right now and money is tight but I’m working 2 jobs (potentially 3.. hehe surprise i will write about that in another post) So I guess life isn’t SO sucky.

I’m also lucky to have my blog so I can vent. Writing is the best way to work your frustrations, if you ask me. After writing all of that I feel a little bit more at peace. See, magic!

Way better than bottling things up. Which will then eat me alive and hello! deep dark hole. But I’ll be okay. I always am. I just have to be dramatic about it first. (oops)

Thank you for reading and if you have any advice on how to get through this sucky part of my life, I will be forever thankful.

Oh, and thank you for all of the support. It means SO SO much to me. More than any of you will ever know. ESPECIALLY those people that go out of their way to message me and congratulate me, say their proud of me, or whatever. That is what keeps me going. Thank you.

love, claudia


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