The Trip that (almost) Never Ended

Hello everyone! I just got back from my trip to California and of course, here is the promised post! 

It all started in Chicago, Illinois. 

TRAVEL HACK/PRO-TIP: if you live in Ohio (like me) flying out from Chicago is a thousand times cheaper than flying out from Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton. 100% guaranteed. Yes, Chicago may be a little far but look at this way.. two trips in one?! SIGN ME UP. 

So we arrived in Chicago a night before our flight and we stayed at a hotel nearby the airport. The hotel was decent but our favorite part was that it had a pool so that called for a.. PHOTOSHOOT. 

It was a little hard to get decent pictures due to lack of good lighting but Paola and I made it work. Also, nothing that some editing can’t fix, am I right?

We stayed one night in Chicago and although we wanted to stay longer, our flight from Chicago to Phoenix, AZ awaited us. 

We had a layover in Phoenix, which from a plane looks BEAUTIFUL. I wish we had enough time between flights to go out and explore but unfortunately that was not the case. So from Phoenix, AZ we flew to San Jose, CA. 

We didn’t stay long in San Jose either because we wanted to go and explore San Francisco before heading to our final destination. Yes, we did the thing every tourist does in San Fran… 


I was hoping I would run into LeBron or Stephen but I think they were a little busy before the game. (maybe next time) (i WILL find them) I did, however, had another chance to do a little photoshoot.

Let me tell you this… San Francisco was so cold. We were not prepared AT ALL. But we sucked it up and took lots of pictures. Again, I wish we stayed longer than a couple of hours but we had places to be.. AKA my grandmother’s house in Thornton.

The reason we went to California in the first place was to go to my cousin Alexia’s Quinciañera. Also, to see family we haven’t seen in a while. It’s always nice to spend time with family and it’s a bonus when there’s a big party!

Before the party, I had time to take pictures of my beautiful sister and cousins. Obviously good genetics run in the Gomez family.

I was a little too busy having a good time at the party so I didn’t get as many pictures as I should have but here are some of my favorites..

Alexia’s Quinciañera was a great time. My cousin is such a beautiful person inside and out. Her dress was beautiful, her party was awesome, and the night was just a good depiction of how amazing she is. Felicidades Alexia!

On our last day in California I had to do the most Californian thing you could ever do. Yes, that’s right, IN-N-OUT BABY.

Let me start out with this, In-N-Out was so busy. Like busier than Chipotle. (YES THAT BAD) My sister, Alexis, Luis, and I had to stalk people to get their seat as soon as they were done eating. This took a good 40 minutes.. including waiting on our food. But the stress and waiting was all worth it because In-N-Out was amazing. 10/10. 

I’m a vegetarian so I got the grilled cheese sandwich, fries, and a chocolate shake. They had a veggie burger but I was feeling the grilled cheese a lot more. And it did not disappoint!! The fries were alright, not the best. The shake was perfection. Overall, my experience at In-N-Out was one I will never forget. If you are ever in California, you NEED to go. 

After In-N-Out, California blessed us even more with the elote man being right outside of my grandma’s house. Literally the best way I could have pictured ending my time in Cali. 

After enjoying a delicious vasolote, it was time to say goodbye and head back home.

…or so we thought.

Long story short, we missed our initial flight from Oakland, CA to Chicago, IL. We then got put in another flight which went from Oakland, to Las Vegas, to Chicago. But we didn’t expect to arrive to Las Vegas just to find out our flight to Chicago got cancelled. 

So what do you do when you’re “stranded” in Vegas for the night? Go downtown, explore, and take lots of pictures!! (which is exactly what we did)

Las Vegas is awesome. AWESOME, MY FRIENDS. Jam to The Killers and just take it all in because it’s truly a unique city. I’m not much of a gambler and not 21 just yet so all I could do was walk around and take pictures. I know something as simple as that can’t sound too much fun to anybody but I had THE best time of my life doing just that. I really got take it all in and I cannot wait to go back in December to celebrate Amanda’s 21st birthday. ILL BE BACK PEOPLE OF LAS VEGAS! ILL BE BACK!

With that concludes the longest weekend/trip/vacation of my life. One thing I learned was to appreciate everything. Even the little moments or time you’re in a city, TRULY appreciate them. Take it all in. LIVE in that exact moment because even though you’re only there for a little bit, those memories last a lifetime. 

There will be a video uploaded to my youtube channel once I am done editing everything. SOON I PROMISE! (go subscribe plz) This trip was also my first time trying to ‘vlog’ and it didn’t go as best as I’d hope buuuuut, I learned and can only get better from here right?

As always, thanks for reading! 



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