Girl… it’s a photoshoot

What’s a blog without a couple of professional pictures, am I right? 

Couple of months ago I decided to get some pictures done so my blog could feel a little bit more official. I finally got all of them back and I decided to share my favorite ones with you all!

All credit goes to the beautiful and talented, Natalie Campbell. She’s a recent high school grad and just got a job as a photographer for Bambino International. Go congratulate her and check out her photography account while you’re at it! 

Instagram: @ncampbellphotography 

She’s so much fun to work with, has great ideas, and will make sure you look GOOD so if you need any pictures done, I highly suggest working with her. Thank you so much Natalie!

Alright… here we go!

I bought these sunglasses in Mexico and they are the best purchase of my life

Ok look.. I am not the most confident girl out there so close-ups are very intimidating to me. BUT like I said, Natalie made me feel so comfortable and she’s so talented that I actually REALLY liked these

I did have a wardrobe change and this outfit is still by far my favorite outfit of ALL TIME

Of course I am not a model by any means but these pictures made me look and feel so FIERCE!

So yes, of all the pictures I got those were definitely my favorites. Once again, thank you Natalie for your hard work and dedication. And congrats on the job! So proud of you!!

As always, thanks for reading!



P.S. ~ I just recently invested in a nice camera so pictures and videos for my blog will be A1!!!!! Stay tuned! 


5 thoughts on “Girl… it’s a photoshoot

  1. Girl, you’ve got great eyes and smile! Be feirce, be confident. I’m so glad you were able to find a photographer who made you feel comfortable getting the pictures taken. Best of luck to the both of you 🙂

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