This past December of 2016, my family and I decided to go back home and visit our family.

To start things off, WE DROVE THERE. It is a 32 hour drive from Huber Heights, Ohio to Morelia, Michoacan. Luckily, we had data and movies (Harry Potter) to keep us entertained or I swear on everything I would have jumped out of my car.


Driving through the U.S was decent, nothing too special besides the fact that there’s a lot of traffic in Nashville, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. Also, crossing the U.S/Mexican border to get in to Mexico was not as crazy as I thought it would be. So the first 20ish hours of our trip were completely fine but as luck would have it, the rest of the trip would be quite the adventure.

Let’s start off with Monterrey. We met my uncle there (mom’s brother) so he could help us drive and make it to Morelia even faster. Well, no one warned us about the ridiculous traffic in Monterrey because we literally did not move for over an hour. Not even .0000000001 miles, we were just sitting in traffic for what felt like eternity. We eventually made it out of there and on our way to Morelia we went. Everything was fine until I was suddenly awaken by my dad saying, “It smells like burnt tire.” They decided to stop the car which is when we realized the tire of our car was rubbing against something. Not really sure what, I’m not a car person, sorry. Anyways, we kept driving and eventually, we blew a tire. AT 4 AM. IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. IN MEXICO.


We waited HOURS for a tow truck to arrive and eventually took an old, smelly bus to San Luis Potosi. (And no, we did not go to Los XI de Rubi)

Once there we tried to find an auto repair shop that would fix our van. We found a place but since it was Christmas Eve they didn’t feel like working. Yeah, you heard that right. THEY DID NOT FEEL LIKE WORKING..? So we decided to leave the van with them and take a bus to Morelia. (Bad idea)

Let me explain real quick why that was a bad idea. 1. They didn’t even fix our van. When my dad and uncles went back to get it, they realized they didn’t even touch it. This was extremely frustrating because my dad paid them for the job they were supposed to do before we left. He didn’t get his money back. 2. I don’t know if any of you know this but there is NO GAS in Mexico. Yes, even in gas stations, they’re just out of gas. 3. They stole the couple of items we left behind and yup you guessed it, stole the gas from our van. We had a full tank too!!!! 4. moral of the story, we are dumb and that was just a bad idea.

So we made it to the Central Bus Station and there we stumbled upon a crazy cab driver that I swear was part of some sort of gang, or on drugs. He SOMEHOW talked us in to taking us to Morelia for a low price of 3,000 pesos. ($1 = 20 or so pesos) Keep this in mind, we were still about 6 hours away from Morelia. So he convinced one of his buddies to take us too and we got in two different cabs. By the weird way both of the cab drivers were acting we realized they were trying to mug us. Their plan was to leave us somewhere we didn’t know and take all of our stuff and money. Luckily, my uncle and dad knew how to handle this situation. After I realized what their intentions were, the rest of the time I was in the cab was a blur. I just know that eventually the cab drivers took us back to the Central Bus Station and FINALLY, off to Morelia we went. We made it home super late and by that time I didn’t feel like celebrating or anything. I just wanted to shower (oh yeah did I mention I went almost 4 days without a shower????) and to sleep in a comfortable position for once.

We all sucked it up and celebrated Christmas Eve with my family, which I may mention, they were all awesome enough to wait for us.

The rest of the trip is pretty typical family stuff. Lots of running around and trying to see everything and everyone we wanted to see. It was just really nice to be there as a family and also be able to see family we haven’t seen in a really long time. Below is a picture of my mom, sister, and I on Christmas Day. Like I said, there was a lot of running around the first couple of days so I didn’t really get to take a lot of pictures.


One of my favorite days while being in Morelia was the day I hung out with my cousins from my dad’s side of the family. We all decided to go swimming that day (it was never below 70 degrees in Morelia ok relax) but it was still too cold for all of us so we decided to go to the movies instead. We saw Sing, really good movie if you haven’t seen it. Anyways, after the movie comes the fun part. We all went back to our great-grandma’s house. How did we get there you ask? IN A COMBI. (A combi is a type of transportation that is bigger than a taxi but smaller than a bus) Yes we all are so special and important that we got a combi just for ourselves. (just kidding, it just wasn’t a busy night)


Once we got to our great-grandma’s house we realized that the night was still young so we then decided to go downtown. Which was, by far, the best decision we made that night. Not only is downtown Morelia beautiful but it’s even better during Christmas time.

I know the videos aren’t the best (they were filmed through Snapchat) but it really was beautiful. If you ever find yourself in Morelia, remember this, it’s always a good decision to go explore and walk around in the downtown area.

Eventually, all good things come to an end and it was time to go home. Of course we did the most Mexican thing there is to do and we all rode home in the back of a pickup truck.

Probably not the best idea we had but the view was amazing. Nothing beats driving in the back of a pickup truck through downtown Morelia. NOTHING.

So after that night, it was back to the normal family stuff and running around. There was also some shopping involved. I’d like to take the time to thank Servi Centro for being one the most magical places on earth. Here I found Kylie lip kits for just $4, among other things for less than $10. Servi Centro has a special place in my heart. ILY.

One of the final things we decided to do right before we left was go to Patzcuaro.

Patzcuaro is a small town outside of Morelia with the cutest downtown and THE BEST ICE CREAM IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING. BEST ICE CREAM. img_7026

Besides THE BEST ICE CREAM IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD, what made the trip so special was spending some quality time with my grandma and great-grandma. Right before we got to Patzcuaro, we went and grabbed something to eat at the most Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been in. I wish I would have took a picture (I am dumb) but it was so cute. There was candy hanging from the ceiling and you could grab some after you got done eating. (best part)

But like I said, it was so special just being with my close family and spending some, much needed, quality time together. img_6395


I know, they are the cutest grandma and great-grandma you have ever seen. I know. They are the reason why I always want to go back home. I mean yeah Morelia is nice, there’s lots to do, lots of yummy food, and the rest of my family is there. But, these two ladies above is what makes home feel like home.

After our trip to Patzcuaro it was time to say goodbye and to try and eat as much of our favorite foods as we could. It’s always hard saying goodbye to family specially since you never really know when you will see them again. In my case, this was the last time I would ever see my great-grandma. Luckily, our last night there, my sister and I went into her room and had a heart to heart with her. She gave us all of this advice and told us a couple of stories. We kissed her goodnight and that was the last time I saw her. She passed away not too long after we left. It has been hard but I have been dealing with it the best I could. I would also like to take the time to thank everyone that has been there for me lately. It really means so much to me.

Our trip back to Huber went fine, luckily. The only bad part was that it took 16 HOURS TO CROSS THE U.S/MEXICAN BORDER. YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT, WE WERE IN A CAR WAITING TO CROSS FOR 16 HOURS. WHILE WAITING, WE ORDERED PIZZA AND HAD IT DELIVERED TO OUR CAR. But yeah other than those 16 hours, our trip back to Huber was fine. I’m really happy we made it back safely. And let me tell you, sleeping in my own bed after that crazy trip was EVERYTHING.

As always, if you have read this long, thank you so much for reading! ‘Till next time!




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