College ain’t spelled with 2 L’s for nothing, let me tell ya.

Well, as most of you may know I am a Multimedia Journalism major at Sinclair. I was hoping to graduate by this Spring but life is messy so now I will be graduating by this Winter! I am excited to finally be done and have that associates degree under my belt. After I graduate I will be even closer to becoming a REAL Journalist!!! (This is my dream)

I was set on transferring to The Ohio State University but now I am not really sure. I am one of those people that refuse to be in debt. I hate school to begin with so being stuck paying it off after I’m done doesn’t sound like a good time. I’ve also been considering studying abroad or just staying home for 2 more years (save money) and go to Wright State. OR even taking a break for a semester to do nothing, travel, binge watch Parks & Rec for the 11th time, or work my butt off to save big money. My desire to travel has been at an all time high so I will probably end up doing that. But I’m not exactly sure of what I will do. If anyone has any suggestions or any sort of advice, PLEASE comment below! Any help at this point is more than welcomed. (Even encouraged) (Plz help)

It’s really crazy though because before I started Sinclair I was so set on how I was going to do things, when I was going to do them, and what I was going to do. But now.. everything is changing. I’m changing. My plans are changing. It’s hard to deal with so much change specially since I am one of those annoying people that likes to plan things and make sure everything goes PERFECTLY. But over the past couple of years I’ve learned to be more flexible and have several back-up plans. Like I said, life is messy.

I’ve also had several people ask me why I decided to stay home and go to Sinclair. There’s 2 simple answers to that question:

  1. I applied to UC and Kent State my senior year of high school but I was denied. Yeah, it sucked. I cried a lot. ETC ETC. But I moved on. And if any of you get denied in to schools, it’s not the end of the world. It’s really not about where you go. Life is what you make of it and this applies to whatever school you go to. Whether it’s Sinclair, UD, or Harvard, it doesn’t matter. Take advantage of what they offer and make the best of it.
  2. I was offered a scholarship at Sinclair which meant I get to attend and get my associates degree completely free! I would have been dumb to pass on it. So now I don’t pay tuition, just books. This is perfect because this leaves me with enough money to travel, go to concerts, or eat at Chipotle twice a week. Like I said, I’m ALL about saving money so I can go do fun things. Paying for school is just not, and never will be, part of my plan.

I know a lot of people hate Sinclair but I personally love it. They have so much to offer and my professors have been nothing short of AMAZING. This school genuinely cares about whether you succeed or not, they’re not just in it for the money. There’s also so much to do and to get involved in. Every now and then there’s even puppies on campus!! It’s great.

As much as I love college though, it’s been rough. But it doesn’t last forever and I know the outcome is worth it in the end.

A little advice from a second year student: always have back-up plans. Be flexible. Expect and accept change. Your mental health IS important. And don’t stress the small stuff.

I know college isn’t for everybody, and that’s okay. I envy the people that don’t have to sit in class all day. But I’m also happy to sit in class all day. I know I don’t make sense but it makes sense if that makes sense. (Can you tell I have no idea what I’m saying or doing 99% of the time) (I am sorry)

And yeah, that’s my college experience so far. I will definitely have more updates as I go. As always, thank for reading!




3 thoughts on “College

  1. Have you considered enlisting in the military in order to get hands-on training in some type of technical skill? These days the branches of the military also have media specialists, although I don’t know if they train you for that or they look for people that already possess those skills. Many years ago, my dad enlisted in the Army and when he got out he took advantage of the G.I. Bill to finance his college education for his engineering degree. Back when he was in college, tuition was really inexpensive but even today the G.I. Bill might cover a good portion of college costs. You’d have to speak with a recruiter to get the details. My advice would be to get any promises made to you by a recruiter SIGNED and IN WRITING, while spelling out any details. You can be flexible in planning your future but it’s still important to have goals and to work toward those goals.

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  2. I love this omg!!! Go you for making the smartest money decision! I would say apply for scholarships at OSU, but if there isn’t any luck, Wright State sounds good too! UD also gives A TON of scholarships!! I almost go for free!! Good luck in whatever you do I will continue to read 😇

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